Welcome to my online home

I'm so glad you're here! This is a space carved out of stubborn love. In a world that pulls us in a million different directions this loving space is meant to reconnect you with what is most important through the practice of yoga.  My hope is that you leave here inspired to do the work you are here to do with love + compassion for yourself and others. Have fun exploring the content of these pages. Until we meet again; May You Be Happy, May You Be Healthy, + May You Be Loved.  Namaste! 



The benefit of weekly yoga practice are plentiful. Learn to breath + move for longevity through a skillfully designed yoga practice with me!    



Workshops are an excellent way to deepen your practice, keep you inspired, and discover more about yourself and the yoga tradition. 



There is no other way to describe yoga retreats other than transformational.  Carve out time for yourself to let go of what needs letting  go, to shift what needs shifting, and to reconnect without distraction.


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